Meet the Dietician

2022 Rita Head Shot

Since 2000 Rita Madden MPH, RDN, has been sharing a sustainable approach to health and wellness that allows one to celebrate their culture and traditions and find joy in caring for health. She is host of the podcast “Food, Faith, and Fasting: Ancient Ingredients for Modern-day Health” which was a prelude to her book, Food, Faith, and Fasting: A Sacred Journey to Better Health. In the past she enjoyed teaching at the university level; her current areas of focus include being the Nutrition Director of the company Mediterranean Wellness, leading training sessions for physicians and other health-care professionals and conducting Wellness Workshops for a variety of audiences locally (in Hawaii, where she resides) and throughout the mainland, Canada and abroad. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Hawaii; she helped in the development and implementation of the New Keiki program: a lifestyle program that worked with families to bring nutritional conditions of children and adults into management. She is devoted to helping people create a healthy relationship with food and health.